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Everyone. Sorry. We live in Canada. Right. You don't drive scooters right ? It's not 4 inches of snow right. Your car is equipped. You could Uber. I could pick you up if anything. You could leave 1 hour earlier and not waste it doing nothing.

All of these things guys. I'm at home. On my bed. Relaxing. Watching posts of all the other gyms closing. Bro. Have you all ever been in a snow storm. This is not a snow storm.

We are all adults. Please do not go fast. Put the blue stuff. The yellow stuff doesn't work. Get a stick thing. And come and train with me.

No but really. Don't drive if you're not confident. I don't mind to pick anyone up in markham area before 530pm the kids class.

Be careful and don't blame me if you crash. Please

Kru Chris

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Unknown member
Feb 15

See ya tonight Kru!

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