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Owner & Head Instructor

Behind every champion is a trainer, and behind every trainer is the heart and soul of a champion. Christopher aka “Killa” aka “Professor Williams” was born on the small Caribbean island of Trinidad & Tobago. Growing up in Trinidad, he spent all his leisurely time playing sports. One of his favorite pastimes was watching historic boxing matches with his father.

The Williams family later relocated to the Bronx, New York. Following their move, Kru Chris’ father enrolled him in boxing classes at the local YMCA as a means of self-defense to protect himself living in a rough neighborhood, and to keep him out of the street lifestyle. Countless hours were spent at the YMCA trying to emulate his idols, Roberto Duran and Mike Tyson. It wasn’t until his move to Scarborough, Ontario where he was introduced and fell in love with Muay Thai. From that moment on, a passion was ignited and lifelong devotion to the sport began.

"Kru Yai Chris Williams standing in front of the bags at Markham Martial Arts gym: Kru Chris is pictured in his element, show

“I didn’t know why I loved it, but the ring became my second home. Muay Thai provided me with a feeling of serenity I never knew.”
- Kru Chris

Fast forward to the present day; Kru Chris has achieved many accolades in Muay Thai, most notably becoming a 4-time North American champion. He has lived and fought in Thailand, accumulated over 50+ fights in countries including Canada, United States, Mexico, and Panama. He established himself as one of the most notable fighters and coaches in the Canadian Muay Thai community. This was further solidified by being recognized in Canada as the “2016 Best Pro Fighter,” which coincidentally was the year of his retirement from his fighting career. While training to become one of North America’s prominent fighters, Kru Chris also pursued his interest in coaching becoming one of the youngest Muay Thai practitioners in Canada to receive the title of Kru (teacher). He has helped develop some of the best fighters in Ontario and many other WKA, TBA, IKF, WKF and MTO champions.


Kru Chris’ enthusiasm and dedication for teaching led him to pursue his dream of opening his own training facility, Markham Martial Arts. His goal and focus are to spread the love and passion he has for Muay Thai to all his students.

"Kru Mehrshad 'Lawman' Vahdat standing in front of the ring at Markham Martial Arts gym: Kru Mehrshad is seen in his element,

Kru Mehrshad Vahdat, known as "LawMan," has dedicated himself to mastering Muay Thai under the tutelage of Kru Christopher Williams for three years. His passion for martial arts developed from watching martial artists such as George Saint-Pierre and Floyd Mayweather Jr achieve the highest level of excellence in their chosen sports.


After beginning his journey at Markham Martial Arts, our team quickly acknowledged his determination and passion for learning the sport. Kru Mehrshad's style demonstrates the use of technique over strength and his attitude embodies the Markham Martial Arts community! His passion for teaching Muay Thai has fostered an excellent class environment where students of all ages can experience the beauty of Muay Thai.


Kru Mehrshad is actively competing and is a valued member of the Markham Martial Arts team. Kru Mehrshad is pursuing a law degree with the goal of becoming a corporate lawyer. Currently working full time at Markham Martial Arts his Muay Thai journey has just begun. 

"Nak Muay/Fighter Anthony 'The Bulgar' Georgieff standing in front of the ring at Markham Martial Arts gym: Anthony exudes de

Anthony "the Bulgar" Georgieff is an accomplished Muay Thai practitioner with a competitive edge, having participated in Muay Thai Ontario amateur competitions. He trains at Markham Martial Arts under the tutelage of Kru Chris Williams, where he has honed his skills for three years.

Anthony's dedication to Muay Thai has taken him beyond Ontario; he traveled to Tulum Muay Thai to train with Eddie Farrell, a WBC champion, and Crazy Viking Magnus Andersson, showcasing his commitment to learning from the best in the sport. Prior to his Muay Thai journey, Anthony enjoyed a successful career as a professional soccer player. He also manages his own construction company, highlighting his diverse skill set and entrepreneurial spirit.


Anthony's decision to pursue a career as a professional Muay Thai fighter in Thailand is a testament to his passion and determination. His experience in both sports and business makes him a well-rounded individual, poised for success in the competitive world of Muay Thai.



Jr Coach Demetri Georgilas kicking pads with Kru Chris at Markham Martial Arts gym: Demetri demonstrates his skill and dedic

Junior PC Kru Demetri Georgilas started his Muay Thai journey at the young age of 13. In 2019 he began training under Kru Christopher Williams. Kru Chris quickly noticed Demetri’s commitment and determination to cultivate his skills in Muay Thai, and took him under his wing as a protégé. Demetri has since become part of the coaching team, assisting with the kids program and helping develop the youth team. If you visit Markham Martial Arts you can find Junior Coach Demetri refining his speed bag skills, working on his kick or helping new students with their technique. 

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