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(Ages 7-14)

Martial Arts is a perfect way for children to stay fit, have fun and encourage a healthy lifestyle. It teaches them respect for themselves and others, and discipline of their mind and body.  


Our youth program at Markham Martial Arts is broken down into three components. The focus is teaching the fundamental skills of Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Boxing. Not only will they work individually on forms, shadowboxing and bag work, but partner driven drills with their peers can help foster camaraderie, as it encourages kids to pair off and build their techniques together. This will aid in the development of your child's social skills and how to cooperate and understand team behaviour.


Along with cultivating their technical skills, there are many other benefits to be gained. Kids will learn self-defense techniques by boosting their fitness and building confidence and self-reliance. Martial arts help improve focus, concentration and coordination both academically and in extracurricular activities. Most importantly it teaches children in order to meet their goals, hard work, perseverance and a growth mindset is required to achieving success in all aspects of their lives.


Are you interested in checking out the classes or gym? We offer a Free Full Access Trial!  

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