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MMA News - Fight Week Miro “The Machine Gun” Miketic

Miro “The Machine Gun” Miketic to the ring with Kru Chris and The Bulgar ready for March 17th, 2024 vs undefeated Tayman Haskam from Elite Maetial Arts Toronto

Check out his entrance paying respects to his Serbian Heritage.

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Kru Chris

Welcome to Markham's House of Muay Thai

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For those who have never tried Muay Thai, Kickboxing, or Boxing, now's your chance!!!

✅ No Sign-up or Enrollment Fee ✅ 6 Days a week of Unlimited Classes ✅ Muay Thai/ Thai-Boxing ✅ Strength & Conditioning ✅ World Class Training Facility

Follow us @Markhammuaythai for more updates on events, schedule, and training videos Also,

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