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MMA with the legend - Training with Ajahn (master) Suchart

Today is a special day for me. I took my first student from MMA to visit the grand master of Muay Thai in Canada. The Lawman Mehrshad V did not disappoint showing true MMA respect and willingness to learn.

Kru Chris

Take a look at some video from todays training on our YouTube channel


Born in the early 1960s, Ajahn Suchart's journey with Muay Thai began at the age of nine in his small village community in Mae Hong Son. His passion for the sport led him to compete in Chiang Mai by the age of 14, where he quickly rose to become the Northern Thailand Champion in 1982 and 1983. With over a dozen bare knuckle fights worldwide, including Bangkok's renowned stadiums, Ajahn Suchart's prowess in Muay Thai is unparalleled. Despite his success in the ring, he pursued education, earning a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education. Combining his love for teaching with Muay Thai, he became one of the few professional Muay Thai Masters with formal academic credentials. Moving to Toronto in 1987, he fulfilled his dream of spreading Thai culture through Muay Thai, teaching over 50,000 students and inspiring many to open their own schools. Beyond the ring, Ajahn Suchart's teachings have empowered students in various professions, including law enforcement, paramedics, and the military, promoting not just athleticism but also personal development and societal contributions.

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