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Styles make Fights !!!

  • When you face a kicker, walk through the kicking range with your punches. Timing his kicks either before of after he kicks, then striking fast with your boxing will make him hesitant to throw a kick as his range and balance will be thrown off.

  • When you face a puncher, plant your lead foot and throw your knee or use low kicks to off balance his lead leg. Remember to rotate shoulder when kicking hard as it will allow your head to move and therefore not be hit with the punch.

  • When you face a knee-er, take the space away and clinch to throw elbows (no elbows without pads)

  • When your opponent likes to clinch or knee, make space and keep them away with your kicks

  • When you face a counter fighter, try to use fast attacks with more volume to throw off his ability to counter. He will counter 1 or 2, but not 5.

  • When you face a power fighter, try to hit and move, never staying in the same place to long. This will stop him from setting his feet to land his power attacks. Changing your angle and your Rythm even slightly will continuously throw him off.

With those rules in mind, I take pleasure in saying that every rule is made to be broken. Kicking to the inside leg while being punched instead of using the knee as an example is a great way to vary your responses to the attacks of your opponent.

Have any questions about this. Feel free to ask at the gym or email me at

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