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Two announcements in one !

  1. Jan 9th will be the return of my fight team. Some of your team mates will be having their first sanctioned fights under Muay Thai Ontario. I have been a part of this organization since the inception.

Pic 1. Pro fighter recognition Pic 2. Kru Chris with Kru Yai Alin (former president of MTO).

2. Respect from Ajahns

This has been an issue at the gym. That shouldn't be. So here are screenshots of conversations with the only two Ajahns in Canada. Google their names

Pic 1. Ajahn Suchart Pic 2. Ajahn Amnat

Point of this is. Respect and discipline is important. And a huge part of Muay Thai culture. "Learn Muay Thai not just hitting" -my old Kru Diesel from FA group use to say. (lumpini stadium coach of the year many times).

Respect the process; respect the grind !

Kru Chris


About my Kru. Always love to see him

I was fat as ----

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