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5 Questions to Ask When Taking Muay Thai Classes

Muay Thai is a martial art that is relatively easy to learn, even for people who have no prior experience with martial arts. It helps you become fit while also teaching techniques to use your fists, legs, elbows, and knees to strike. Additionally, it provides instruction on clinch fighting and some basic trips and throws that can be useful in self-defence.

Muay Thai classes involve learning new techniques and honing your form with the help of an instructor. You should be open to asking questions and engaging with the instructor to get the most out of the class. The instructor will watch your form and guide you on how to improve. Listening to and practicing their advice will ensure you progress quickly in your Muay Thai journey.

Here are five questions to ask your instructor:

1. How Is Muay Thai Effective?

Asking, What is this for? is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of the techniques you are working on. Doing so can give you a complete view of how the move fits into the larger context. Doing so also helps keep your mind and body engaged as you practice the technique, providing a greater context for the movements. This helps you maintain better form as you repeat the technique, as you can see the purpose of the move.

2. How Can I Improve My Technique?

This follow-up question involves asking the trainer for suggestions on specific exercises or drills that can help you improve your technique. The instructor can guide specific drills that you can use to improve your form and accuracy and provide a good workout. This will allow you to improve how you execute a certain technique by allowing you to practice it with the correct form and accuracy.

3. How Can I Execute a Move Better?

Muay Thai requires practice and dedication to master each technique. It can be difficult to understand and properly execute a new technique immediately. Asking your Muay Thai teacher for a more detailed explanation and advice on what you can do to improve will help you understand the technique better. Receiving feedback from your instructor will help you ensure that you are performing the technique correctly so you can eventually perfect it.

4. Will This Move Work for Me?

As your sparring progresses, your trainer will help you to refine and hone your technique. They will assess how well you handle different scenarios and provide advice on maximizing your success. By working with your trainer, you'll be able to craft a fighting style that capitalizes on your strengths and compensates for any weaknesses. Your trainer will also be able to give you a mental edge over your opponent by helping you understand their style and how to counter it. Ultimately, your trainer will help you to become a well-rounded fighter who can handle any situation.

5. How Do I Get Competition-Ready?

As someone just starting out in Muay Thai, it can be overwhelming to consider competing in the sport. It takes time to build up the necessary skills and confidence to be successful in the ring. With each Muay Thai class, however, you will get closer to being ready for competition. You will learn the techniques and strategies necessary to win fights as you practice. You will become more and more confident in your abilities, and eventually, you will ask yourself: Am I ready to compete in Muay Thai?


Taking Muay Thai classes can be a great way to stay fit, learn self-defence, and have fun. Asking the right questions when choosing a class can help ensure that you find the right fit for your needs. Asking these five questions when taking Muay Thai classes can help you improve your technique and have a great overall experience.

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